“A great and moving album with its very own expression.”
– Sydsvenska Dagbladet

Here you’ll find presentations of various projects, including music tracks, video clips and pictures.

In many ways the projects are different in genres and musical directions. But at the same time they are all important to define my musical work in general.

Info about releases, concerts and rewievs as well as some thoughts about music/views on aesthetics and musical creation can also be found here.


“The short improvisations question the very essence of vocal articulation, its manners of conveying feelings, ideas or a narrative and how vocal utterances construct a human language and the aesthetics of a language.”

– Eyal Hareuveni, salt-peanuts.eu

“Andreas Backer tar stemma til steder der den sjelden eller aldri har vært før. (...) Tøft gjort!"

– Tor Hammerø, Tor de Jazz

“Although the other three musicians fill out the quartet admirably, the star is clearly Backer & his vocal technique: His voice does not dominate the sonority, and might move in & out of textures, but it is active & draws the ear. (...) Although there’s some precedent with e.g. Jaap Blonk, Backer’s vocalization technique is definitely his own.”

– Todd McComb’s Jazz Thoughts

"Ester & Andreas presents a string of incredibly mundane stories through cool jazz that causes every word and every note to go straight to the heart. Charming from start to finish.”

– Maria Lagergren, Lira Musikmagasin